MPL’s Range of Online Board Games is Phenomenal. Check the Following Out for a Refined Experience

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The popularity that board games enjoy among the masses surpasses most other categories. Due to the crazy demand for virtual board games, multiple online platforms host tons of top-tier iterations of different board games, out of which the Mobile Premier League or MPL is a well-renowned one. The platform is popular among board game enthusiasts for offering different types of online board games via its official application, which is compatible with both major mobile operating systems, namely iOS and Android. You can play Snakes and Ladders game from the official site.

This article will cover some of the best virtual board games featured on the MPL platform that every board game lover can indulge in without facing any inconvenience for a refined gaming experience. Let us get started:


In terms of popularity, no other board game treads close to ludo, both in the offline and online modes. On the MPL platform, the virtual ludo game is played by millions of enthusiasts daily. There are multiple reasons why the online iteration of the classic board game on the MPL platform receives so much love.

For starters, the online game retains all the classic elements of ludo and adds to the overall appeal by featuring minor yet significant tweaks. Besides this, the ludo game on MPL offers players the golden opportunity to win real money by winning virtual matches against other players. What further compels players to play the game is the zero wait time to find matches.


The online game’s controls are easy to learn and master. Moreover, players also have the option to indulge in matches with their friends or acquaintances. Fair play assurance and 24×7 assistance are two other factors that make MPL’s online ludo game stand tall among other competitors. Any ludo enthusiast who wishes to indulge in virtual ludo matches is advised to check out MPL’s online iteration of the ludo game for an out-of-the-world experience.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is another ancient board game that receives immense love and attention from board game enthusiasts globally. The luck-based board game’s online iteration on MPL allows fans to experience the game most authentically, primarily because MPL’s online snakes and ladders game features all the classic in-game elements that fans love.

Similar to the aim of players in the offline version of the game, players indulging in virtual matches on MPL’s online snakes and ladders game are required to ensure that their token or playing piece reaches the end of the board, i.e., the last or 100th square, first. The player who achieves the feat wins the match and earns exciting rewards.

Besides authentic gameplay, the online snakes and ladders game on the MPL app features exceptional graphics and appealing UI elements, which further add to its credibility. The best part is that the snake and ladder game free download option is readily available to all visitors of the MPL website. To get started, enthusiasts simply need to download the MPL app, register on the platform, and start playing the game.


Another prominent board game’s online iteration featured on the MPL platform is chess. Also referred to as the “Game of Kings,” chess puts individuals’ mental abilities to the test, which is one of the reasons why it is played by millions of people globally. MPL’s online chess allows players to virtually indulge in exciting chess matches against friends or anonymous opponents and win top-notch rewards.

The online game also offers multiple game modes, including battles and tournaments. Similar to other online board games featured on the platform, the wait time related to finding matches is negligible, which is a significant factor that contributes to seamless gameplay. The game’s graphics are very realistic, and the high-adrenaline gameplay is perfect for diehard fans of the strategy-based board game. Overall, MPL’s online chess is perfect for enthusiasts who wish to play chess anywhere at any time.


Carrom is a highly popular tabletop/board game that enjoys immense popularity in the Indian subcontinent. Most Indians indulged in the game with their friends or family members when they were little, which is what forms a strong nostalgic connection. The online carrom game on the MPL app reignites the nostalgic connection and feel of enthusiasts thanks to its authentic and realistic features.

Besides featuring life-like graphics and visual elements, the game has easy-to-learn controls. This aspect allows beginners to get started with the game without hassle. In addition, the user interface is very simple, which adds to the overall charm of the game as well as the players’ experience.


MPL’s online pool game is another prominent name in the list of the most played online games featured on the platform. The online game checks all the right boxes, right from immersive graphics and realistic animations and design elements to easy controls and seamless matchmaking.

The online pool game of MPL embodies the classic offline version of the game, thereby allowing hardcore fans to have a highly-realistic experience during virtual matchups with friends or anonymous opponents. Besides offering exceptional in-game elements and options, the online pool game of MPL also allows players to earn real money by winning matches. This is one of the many reasons why the game is loved and played by millions of billiards fans.

The renowned MPL platform hosts some of the most popular online iterations of top-notch board games. Any individual wishing to indulge in virtual board games and earn money should check out the MPL platform and get started by downloading its official application on their smartphone.


This article will cover some of the best virtual board games featured on the MPL platform that every board game lover can indulge in without facing any inconvenience for a refined gaming experience. If you like this game please share it with your friends. Keep visiting the Free MOD APKs site.


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